Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TOG Ancients Projects: More Wall Friezes, Flower Pot & Cat Mummy

Some projects from our first week of Tapestry of Grace Ancients!

DD16's Anubis Wall Frieze 

DD14's Udjet Eye Wall Frieze

DD16's Bastet flower pot

DS6's Cat Mummy (mustard bottle body)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TOG Ancients Projects: Mummy, Wall Frieze & Beaded Collar

The beginning of our Ancient History Museum

DS8 wanted to get started on some projects and so we went with the ones we had materials for already: Paper Mache Mummy, Carved Plaster Wall Frieze, and a Beaded Collar.  These are all found in the excellent book Make History Ancient Egypt by Nancy Fister and Charlene Olexiewicz!

Creating the mummy from newspaper and masking tape.

The finished mummy (note: whole wheat flour isn't the best for paper mache) and the drying plaster.

The finished mummy!  I painted the facial features and DS8 drew the symbols from another great book: Ralph Masiello's Ancient Egypt Drawing Book

Carving a cobra into "sandstone" (painted plaster)

The long beads were made from triangles cut from magazines, rolled around a straw and glued.

Assembling the beaded collar took a lot of patience, especially with the small-handed "helper" around

The finished collar turned out nice, but too fragile to wear on a daily basis

I'm looking forward to many more projects to fill up our museum as the year goes on!