Sunday, October 17, 2010

5th grade (2010-11)

Current checklist for DS10 in 5th grade.  This sheet is in a page protector on the refrigerator with a wet-erase marker dangling nearby.  He fills in each square each week and then I wipe it off on Sunday night.   He can chose any order and any number of things each day -- as long as they get done!  And no doubling up.

Provide it is all done by "close of business" on Friday, he may get up at  6:00 on Saturday and Sunday to play on the computer.  Huge motivator.  He has never not finished.  But even if he didn't have this computer-carrot dangling he'd finish.  He's that kind of kid.

The three on the bottom (Nature Study, Poetry & Art) are done at my discretion.  Unfortunately we haven't done any of them in the last few weeks.

Reading:  Novel or other book of my choice.  I plan to work through the 1000 Good Book List plus use books from the historial time period we are focused on.  He's a good reader (taught himself at 4) but doesn't read for fun the way his sisters do!
Exercise: He is the only one of my children who has this requirement.  He's a (very slim) couch potato and now that we've moved and he's no longer in karate...well, I think he needs this requirement.  So do I, but that is another post!
MUS Pre-Algebra: He is currently doing 4 pages per week that his older sister didn't use (B, C, D, F, and the honors page, which we do together).  If he hits a wall, we'll slow down.  Next year I'm thinking Life of Fred Pre-Algebra with Biology before he does MUS Algebra.
Latin: Great Latin Adventure 2 -- he did GLA 1 over the course of last year.  Memorization comes easy and he is doing very well with this course.  Not sure about going into Henle 1 next year though (which DD13 is doing now!).
Writing: Going through Writing with Ease from the beginning at a very rapid pace.  I believe he'll accomplish all four levels this year.  Last year he did IEW's All Things Fun & Fascinating.
American History: All American History 2 (Civil War to the Present).  I had planned on using SOTW 4 but decided to just included him with his older sisters.  So far he is doing great listening to me read, filling out the battle info, and completing the reviews as quizzes.
Reading Comprehension:  Something new this year! I bought him Jane Ervin's Reading Comp Book 3. It would be easy, except I'm having him do the additional writing assignments. :)  One lesson a week.
Grammar:  Currently I'm using The New Handbook of Composition but I'm contemplating switching to something more current and applicable.  Or maybe just the 5th grade Spectrum Test Prep & Practice books! :)
Nature Reader: He is reading aloud to me from Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader 4, one section at a time.  He reads aloud veryveryquickly and we're working on slowing down.  Actually, he has much improved in this area since last year.  I should probably switch him to a higher level book, Nature Reader 6 or something different entirely.
CWP 4:  Singapore's Challenging Word Problems 4.  When I heard they were reformatting these I bought a complete set.  He does 3 problems (one page) each time.  The practice problems he can do without me and get correct.  The challenging problems we have to do together and don't always get correct!
Comic Math: Comic-Strip Math is just an easy addition to his week.  Keeps him thinking!  Lots of different applications!'s busy work.  :)
Chemistry: Real Science Odyssey Chemistry Level 1.  He knows the info already.  I should make a change to something more challenging.  Perhaps in January.  Yes, that is what I'll do.  Double or triple up on the reading pages and chose one experiment a week and finish in December.
Logic: Logic Liftoff is mostly easy & fun.  He did the first book in the 3 book series last year.  Some days he'll do a multitude of pages, other days just one.  I expect he'll finish this book before January.

It might look like a long list but he finishes quickly and easily almost every day.  He could use more challenges, more depth and richness.  I really need to get Nature Study, Poetry and Art added in!

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