Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 11

Full week of school done despite mom (that would be me) spending 2 days on the couch with mastitis. All those years of little ones translates into BIG ONES who can run the house.

  • Finished the 200 Sit Up Challenge -- able to do 220 consecutive sit ups!  What an amazing thing! She started with being able to do 31.  I also started this challenge.  I think I did 6.  I didn't get beyond week 2 or 3.  I need to start again.  
  • She is keeping up with her 25,000 word NaNoWriMo novel.  Looks like she'll be a winner for the 5th year in a row!
  •  Packed and delivered 3 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  She wanted to do this in lieu of my buying presents.  I'll probably still buy a few things...since my idea of a completely homemade Christmas hasn't even gotten started. 
Shirt DD16 painted to put into the Christmas Shoebox
  • Took care of DD11mo whenever I needed help this week.  Actually she does this every week.  I just needed a lot more help this week!  We rearranged the seating at the dining room table so DD11mo is on the end...this way DD13 can feed her and I can eat.  It is working out great!
  • Scored a perfect 100% A+ on her first Henle Latin Unit Test!  
  • Keeping up with her NaNo novel also, another 5th year winner in the making! 
  • Faithfully working on his NaNo novel every morning, he'll be a winner for the 2nd year if he keeps it up!
  • Finished Writing with Ease Level 2!  Now on to Level 3.  Might take this level a little slower -- but we're still set to finish the whole book this school year.
  • Continuing to do well with MUS Pre-Algebra, Great Latin Adventure 2, and Challenging Word Problems 4.
DS8 & DS5
  • Did their schoolwork when I was available and got it all done! 
  • Played inside together a lot.
  • Played outside together a lot.
  • Helped to completely clean the boys' bedroom!  Now they have 3 boxes of books (still no bookshelf), 1 box of stuffed animals, 1 box of Playmobil, and 3 boxes of "miscellaneous."  Perhaps next week we'll sort the miscellaneous.  Or not. 
DS8's Finished Multiplication Clock

  • Learning to empty the spoons from the dishwasher.
  • Getting quicker at climbing the stairs before anyone notices.
  • Played in the yard wearing her new shoes!  Finally. 
Next week is a short week for Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for that!


Karen said...

Ouch! Mastitis is awful!

Isn't it wonderful when the big kids take over? You realize that yes, you did do a good job teaching them lifeskills!

I'm going to investigate that 200 situp challenge. It could be something for dd15 and I to do together. She used to be able to do endless crunches when she danced five days a week, but has lost that ability over the last year. Me, I think I can do 5 LOL

Adamant Academy said...

it is so nice for the bigger kids to help!! Sorry you were sick glad you are feeling better though!

Tonia said...

Maybe I can borrow one of your big kids to take over when I get sick? Wouldn't they love a field trip to Canada? ;-)

Lisa said...

Ack! Mastitis is horrible! Glad you had help and I like the multiplication clock.

Mandy in TN said...

Bummer about the mastitis. That is never any fun, but it's pretty amazing how much your kids accomplished! I may have to join the sit-up challenge!

Regena said...

I love the painted t-shirt and the multiplication clock is beautiful, too. I hope it works out well for you....


Mrs. Brooke said...

Sorry about the mastitis! I hope your abbreviated Thanksgiving week is going well!