Friday, August 5, 2011

TOG Ancients Projects: Reed Boat

DS8 really wanted to make a reed boat, as shown in 
Ancient Egypt Make it Work (a TOG scheduled book). 
We found a bag of dried grasses at the craft store and some yarn 
in my collection of unfinished projects.

Cutting the reeds and tying them in bundles took quite awhile.

DD14 came to help and the work went much faster.

And the boat turned out just like in the book!

He made a little paddle from craft sticks to go with it.  
Don't you just want to hop on?  
Maybe not hop...that would probably capsize the boat!


Tina said...

Keep up the good work. That looks GREAT!

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

How fun!

Michele said...

That looks great! I love hands-on history!

tadtown said...

What a great project!

Dueteronomy 6 Mom said...

You are inspiring me to do more projects!! Love your blog!!! said...

Love these! Just pinned them. Ironically, I found your blog on WTM on a thread about Pinterest. :-) ~Julie

My name is Tiffany said...

TOG looks really amazing! I wish we started with year one. Next school year we begin TOG yr 2. Thanks for stopping by my site.