Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Monday in September

By "Weekly Report Friday" I've forgotten what we've done.  But this isn't so much about school as it is "a day in the life" of a homeschooling family of eight.

6:30am Wake up and head down stairs.  Boys are already up in the family room reading.  They are allowed to get up at 6:00am.  This is because I used to get up at 5:30am... Juice our "green lemonade" of kale, lettuce, apples & a lemon.
7:00am Make dh's breakfast of saute´d broccoli, mushrooms, onions & red pepper on a bed of baby spinach. Then pack his salad lunch.  Baby wakes up.
7:30am Make whole wheat pancakes for everyone else's breakfast.  DD15 cooks the pancakes. Nurse the baby.
8:00am Forgot to start with our reading of Psalms and Proverbs.  Do a hodge-podge of school with the boys while the girls are off doing their own schoolwork.
9:00am Read All American History and discuss with the 3 older ones.
9:45am More school with boys.
10:30am Decide to go grocery shopping...in the rain.  Take the oldest & the youngest with me, leaving DD13 to do school while boys play computer games.
11:45am Amid the unpacking of groceries, DD15 cuts up the watermelon for a snack, I cut up the butternut squash for lunch and decide to try making Peasant Bread using 100% whole wheat flour.  DD15 feeds watermelon to DD9mo and then gives her a bath.
12:45pm Hurry everyone to eat their squash & veggies.  Give DD15 & DD13 instructions for finishing bread, making their Barley Mushroom Stew, completing chores and of course, having computer time.
Leave for D&D.  Still raining.
1:30pm Enjoy myself sitting and chatting with with the other homeschooling moms who all seem to enjoy the fantasy genre and natural living...just like me!
4:45pm Come home to dinner cooking.  Ah, the joy of having teens!
5:00pm Try Peasant Bread.  Heavy, dry, little flavor.  Children declare it perfect for serving to weary travelers at an Inn.
6:00pm Eat Barley Mushroom Stew and fresh veggies and more bread. Some children eat outside.  Too rainy for me.
6:30pm Hubby finally arrives home to his cold stew and dry bread. Guess he gets to play the roll of weary traveler.  Then he has a conference call!
7:00pm Since we can't listen to Dad read, we watch a travel video on Switzerland in prep for girls' upcoming trip.
7:30pm Try my kumbucha tea (got the starter last week at D&D).  Fizzy & tasty!  Put into 3 jars on the counter.  One with nothing added. One with a little lemon juice added.  One with lemon juice and honey added.  Made more tea to begin process again.
8:00pm Put boys to bed. Let girls know they may have computer time.
8:30pm Put baby to bed.  Sit by hubby reading Book 2 of the Wheel of Time on his kindle and read The Wednesday Sisters. Ahhh...
9:30pm Baby crying.  Nurse her.
9:45pm Make stovetop popcorn to sustain the late night crowd.  Read more.
11:00pm Baby crying at being left out of the late night crowd.  Nurse her. Say goodnight to girls.
11:30pm Finish book, leave hubby reading his kindle and go to bed.
12:00am Baby crying. Nurse her.
12:30am Baby crying. Nurse her.
3:30am Baby crying.  Go in and she's quiet.  Go back to bed.
5:00am Baby crying. Nurse her.  Wonder when she will be done teething....
6:30am It's Tuesday morning!


tadtown said...

I'm tired just from reading about your night. :) It must be great having older kids that can help during the day. Thanks for sharing!

Lizzie said...

Your day sounds so rich and full. I miss nursing babies. I envy you that. Thanks for coming by! One and only word of caution on SG1, season 1, episode one there is female nudity from the back as a host is chosen by Aphophis' wife. Other than that, truly a family show and a huge favorite here.
Perhaps a weekend marathon??? :)