Thursday, October 21, 2010

Castle in Progress

Using the out-of-print book Make Your Own Model Forts & Castles by Richard Cummings (published 1977), DD15 has created the basis of her Norman Castle for Military History!

She started with a piece of drywall generously donated by the neighbor (instead of the book recommended plywood).

Between a utility knife and a small saw, she cut the drywall.  The lack of perfect edges will make the finished castle more realistic.  In computer terms, this would be a case of "It's a bug, but we'll call it a feature."

 Three walls cut...not sure how to attach them yet.

She decided to duct tape the walls together and texture the whole thing with vinyl spackling paste.  I think it's looking good.

She mixed black and white acrylic paint to create shades of stone.

A platform painted to look like wood is perched on a few nails.  And the basic castle is complete!  I'm so proud!

Once DD15 creates the drawbridge and grounds, I'll post more pictures!


Tonia said...

How cool! She did a great job!

Adamant Academy said...

WOW Cool that is really cool the leaf crowns we made I just poked the stems threw the next leaf but I kinda cheated and used bits of scotch tape the hold them LOL My kids are having fun with it so hopefully it turns into a fun time for us. Your daughter is very talented by the way!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, this is impressive! She did a GREAT job! Sometimes I hear about books like this and just can't figure out whey they ever went out of print to begin with!


Wonderful! She did a great job.

JoAnn said...

That castle is cool!

Gifts for Girls Academy said...

A fantastic job on the castle!

Michelle said...

I love the castle! I was totally looking for a good castle construction idea last year. Maybe we will revisit that.