Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 8

Only Monday and Tuesday were school days.  I think I've forgotten most of what we did.  DD15 & DD13 took the third LLfLotR vocab quiz (100%) and then the first test (100% before grading the short essay on friendship, which I have yet to do).  DS10 & DS8 each did two days of reading, writing and math. They also completed a single day of each two-day subject.  DS5 did all his work each day.  So much time off of phonics will probably require a day or two of review to start off this coming week!

Why did we take the rest of the week off?  My parents came to visit!  And DD15 became DD16!  No driver's license in her near future...she plans to walk or bike, and thinks the world would be a better place if everyone else did as well.

Her presents included a squirrel-proof bird feeder...

A hoard of books (all fantasy from the used book store) at the end of treasure hunt written by DD13 in dragon-script...

And jade ring that belonged to her great-grandmother...

We also played a hot potato-type pass the present game that involved me reading a dragon picture book.  Each time I said "dragon" you passed the present on your lap to the person on your left.  At the end, everyone opened a glow stick!  The holder of glow stick with the ribbon was the winner of the box as well! 

It was a wonderful birthday -- sunny & 70, perfect for being outdoors!  Two long walks were taken. One in the morning to Lowe's with Grandpa:  I'd heard you could walk to Lowe's and my dad is the adventurous sort who can't pass up the opportunity to visit a hardware store! While they were off on that trip, my mom & I went to Costco.  She has a membership and now I have lots of diapers, olive oil, and the like!  In the afternoon, we all went on a trail hike.  Dinner was vegetable stew with a 16-sword cake for dessert! 

Besides the birthday festivities, we went apple picking!  That day was COLD and WINDY and how our family is to survive winter after 10 years in Arizona, I do not know.  The apples are fabulous though and we've made chunky applesauce, apple-banana muffins, apple-oatmeal pancakes and are dehydrating a bunch of sliced apples now!

Tomorrow begins a new month! Tomorrow begins NaNoWriMo! 

Tomorrow also begins a new week of school...and other busyness!


Jennifer said...

Squirrel-proof bird feeder . . . now THAT'S what I need on my Christmas list! It will put an end to my "crazy lady who runs outside in pajamas with a bebe gun at 7:00 in the morning" days! :D

Last week you left a note on my blog asking about our science. We use My Father's World (Adventures this year), and we just do whatever science is scheduled for the week. So far it has been mostly Usborne books along with whatever library books we find on each week's topic. The experiments are easy, yet they seem to be effective.

Anyway, looks like you guys had a fun week. Sometimes a week off for family and celebrations is the best use of time!


Firefly said...

Looks like such a fun week! I loved the gifts, and especially the cake-- yum!

Adamant Academy said...

That cake looks good so do the apple things I wanna come eat at your house!!! That is so cool your daughter is not all about the lisense too What a mature young lady and so thoughtful