Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 14

Starting to wrap things up for the season!  Normally we're further along in the year...but since we didn't start until September, we're right on track.

DD16 & DD13 painted these amazing goblets at a local pottery place.  This was an early birthday present for DD13, who is almost DD14.  Both of them are working on Mini Unit Study 5 in LLfLotR -- the Epic. Excellent background info for when we study the Ancients next year!

We hosted DS10's D&D group here on Monday -- good fun!  I enjoy "having company" while my darling husband does not.  Since he was out of town on Monday, it was win-win!

DS8 & DS5 both got "I was fearless at the dentist's office" certificates this week.  Since we moved, this is a new dentist, not a pediatric dentist, and I'm just never sure how they're going to do...  But they did great!  I bought a Water Pik (primarily for DD16 in braces) and they've been having fun with that.  The bathroom has been drier though!

DD12mo has discovered books.  She likes to read.  She likes to be read to.  Ah, another milestone.

I received a package from CJ's Sewing Room -- some "butter" that I hope will be the answer to the current eczema and diaper rash problems we've been having!  I read about CJ's here and ordered the same day (very unlike me!).

This coming week I will be trying to get Christmas presents ready.  Trying to get my girls ready for their European vacation with my parents.  Trying to plan for the 2nd half of the school year planned.


firefly1013 said...

Awesome goblets!! Also, calendula salve is excellent for eczema, if the butter you ordered doesn't do the trick.

Cellista said...

Beautiful goblets!!

I wish my almost 1yo liked to read. I'll keep trying though, if his brothers are any indication, he'll soon love reading!

Brieana Smith said...

Thanks for your comment! You are so right about dh travelling and the days blurring together. I LOVE your silhouette of your family!

Robyn said...

The goblets are great! Have a productive week getting ready for Christmas! Merry Christmas!