Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 15, plus 2 weeks of vacation!

 DS5's remote control Christmas present dinosaur eating a chibi bunny!
Week 15: finished what we were going to finish schoolwise, celebrated DD13 becoming DD14, shopped for last minute necessities for girls' trip to Europe, experience our first snow in 10 years (2"), had a little family Christmas on Friday evening, enjoyed the company of my parents for a few hours on Saturday before they took off with DD16 & DD14 for two weeks in Switzerland, Germany and Italy!

My boys gingerbread houses -- long since dismantled and eaten!
Week 16 & 17: Vacation!  Had two families over to make gingerbread houses (SUGERFEST!), wrapped and packed Christmas presents, drove to NJ (listened to The Great Brain), celebrated a delightful Christmas with dh's side of the family, drove home Christmas night to avoid snowstorm (16"), relaxed, played lots of Munchkin, cleaned, got out the knitting needles and started on a dishrag, Skyped with the European vacationers, ate Chinese take out, bought a coat stand, played baseball, avoided all school-related things I should have done...

Thus ends 2010.  It was a good year.  A very good year.  At the beginning of the year we lived in Arizona and had a brand new baby.  Now we live in Virginia and have six wonderful, wonderful children...and a whole new year to look forward to enjoying together!

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